Streaming Services

Email for the  Username &

“ The mission of Centre Congregational Church is to worship and serve God, following the  example and teachings of Jesus Christ.”

~ Church Bylaws

~ 21 May, 2006

This works best on a tablet or smartphone.

To download the necessary app for your device click this link mydlink Lite from the App Store.

The apps are free and easier than the computer version...

If you do not have a smartphone or tablet, you will need a relatively new computer/browser with Java fully up to date. If you’re logging in via a computer wait until you can see the picture & then turn up your volume.

There's a little button on the bottom right corner that will being the picture to full screen if desired.

Please don't touch any of the other settings on the app!

Please share this with anyone you think of who is housebound or traveling!

Are you unable to physically get to Centre Congregational Church but you’d still like to be a part of our weekly services?

We’re now pleased to offer you the opportunity to stream our services to your desktop, iOs or Android device!

Click on the link below to be taken to the website. You’ll need the login information so please click the email link below to obtain the credentials you’ll need.