Open & Affirming


“ The mission of Centre Congregational Church is to worship and serve God, following the  example and teachings of Jesus Christ.”

~ Church Bylaws

~ 21 May, 2006

We Are One

     Although we are many members, we believe we are one body in Christ. We are called to love all our neighbors, and we invite and welcome all persons to share fully in our covenantal community of Centre Congregational Church as equal partners who have full access to every opportunity to serve its mission.

     As Joseph's coat came in many colors, people come to Jesus in many ways.  All are beautiful in the eyes of God, and with Jesus as our guide, we respect and embrace every person so that we may all grow toward a unity of faith and purpose and with a Christian love that transcends all our differences.  We believe that in diversity there is strength.

     To that end, Centre Church declares itself to be an Opening and Affirming congregation and a Just Peace Church.  We invite and welcome all persons of every race, age, gender, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, economic and social status, marital status, mental and physical ability and all other differences within our humanity, to grow together in faith and love.

     Humbly and with God's grace, we invite and welcome all of God's children to join us in living out our faith here in Centre Church, in our homes, our community, and the greater world.